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 Post subject: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:18 am 
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Ok, before i start with the actual guide...i want to make somethings clear. CF is a Team game - especialy with human. You cant play alone - u got no good chaos damage for banshee rush, no good anti special stuff, no good unit killing specials. What you do have, is good tanks, anti air units, cheap spammable artillery (both units and specials) good supports and most of all...Unit Spam. So yeah, play as a team.

Another thing - this isnt a Strict guide - u cant join a game and alt tab here to see what to build in what order and what to buy etc. You need to adopt your own strategy. This here is just as a guide to help you around how to counter, make combinations with ur mates, and all around following the game.

with that said, the guide starts now :

First thing to mention is the pros and cons of the race.

Pros :
-Good massing units
-Specialized units
-Good supporting abilities
-Really powerful artillery (when used right)

Cons :
-Many tactics can counter them
-Massing units may often cause to lose so carefull what units u mass
-Their specialized units can easily be countered, so you need to micro well and sync ur units
-Lousy tower

All in all, u see that human is an easily counterable race. So, until late game comes in and u have 12 warlocks, 24 gryphons, shrine and other units, u are easy to be countered, so if u are, get your friends to help you.

Now, the units :

1.Footman - 100g
250 hp
18 DPS (normal dmg type)
4 armor (heavy)


It can be easily seen that the unit itself is pretty weak. However, its DPS/Gold ratio is pretty high. This means that if massed, it can pose some threat (but carefull - if u are facing avatars of vengeance, dont even THINK about massing these, and that is just an example)

2. Defender - 275g
575 hp
38 DPS (normal)
7 armor (heavy)
has evasion and defend (reflect ranged attacks)


One of the best tanks around (considering the price) . Most of the time, footman is built just so you can upgrade to defender. And he is pretty worth it.

3. Sniper - 140g
270 hp
22 dps (pierce, 500 range)
0 armor (medium)
Has critical strike


Another good massing unit. This unit is best massed vs light armored units. However, with the recent 1.13b version, its main purpose is to either sit around like that to see if u can counter both land and air units, or specialize it into anti-ground or anti-air unit

4. Marksman - 300g
450 hp
61 dps (pierce 500 range) to air
28 dps (pierce 500 range) to buildings
1 armor (medium)
Has critical strike vs air (its pretty devastating :) )


Personnally, i hate this unit but...oh well :P . It is a pretty good anti air unit, and i've often seen it one hit some air units with critical. I'd not reccomend it for massing unless opponents go all air

5. Heavy Gunner - 320 g
53 dps (pierce 550 range)
525 hp
5 armor (medium)
Has splash


A really good anti-ground unit. When backed up with some tanks, it can be a really good unit. When massed, its even better - it can easily kill an entire wave if u have a strong tanking line.

6. Mortar - 210 g
280 hp
21 dps (siege 1000 range)
0 armor (light)


One of my favorite artillery units. No, not because of the lousy dps and hp. But because of the easy spammable price - in most games i often find myself having like 10 mortar buildings and not into late game. So when we push, the buildings fall really easy. Needs a strong tanking line tho. And no assasins.

7. Gryphon - 250 g
500 hp
23 dps (magic 450 range)
2 armor (medium)
Has Bash and chain lighting on attack


Another great unit to mass. Actualy, unless your opponents start with ground non-air-attacking units, this unit is only capable of doing something if massed. 6 gryphons often cast chain lighting like crazy and have an easy push. If u have gjallarhorn, its even better.

8. Crusader - 280 g
600 hp
42 dps (hero)
6 armor (heavy)
Has devotion aura, cleaving strikes and inner fire


Another may-be tank. Tho he is much better as a supporter, especially with inner fire which is more or less a heal.

9. Paladin - 525 g
850 hp
67 dps (heal)
9 armor (heavy)
Has devotion aura, cleaving attacks, bash, inner fire and ressurection


Even better than crusader (ofc :P ) . His ressurection makes him an awesome supporter and spamming unit - have a group of 8 paladins and they never die :P especialy with an ice queen around.Paladin may also act as a tank because of his high armor, however even tho his buff buffs good, he likes to cast it to other units, so in some situations, paladin is better than defender in tanking

10. Warlock - 300g
350 hp
17 dps (chaos 160 range)
1 armor (Unarmored)


Probably the best unit to spam in whole castle fight. 10 warlocks usually give the same results as a rescue strike, which by late game is easily achieveable.

Those are all the units. Now, about the specials. The lumber costs remain a mystery but i will figure it out soon :D

Artillery - 200 g
Shoots at random places in the opponent's base, dealing 400-500 siege dmg.


This is probably the best late game special ever. Having multiple of these (and by that i mean 10-15) will easily win the game for you. THIS is the reason why human are becoming really lousy when playing -na. Artillery is their best thing.

Gjallarhorn - 225 g
Increases nearby units' attack speed by 66%. Casts it every 6 seconds. Buff lasts for 1 minute.


Although it is pretty good set on autocast, the best thing to do is cast it manualy - turn off autocast and when ur units come around cast it. Thx to gjallarhorn, i often see gryphons killing red dragons in 1v1 situations.

Heroic Shrine (still not sure i got the name right :P ) 725 g
Gives a 22% chance to spawn 2 units instead of one. Doesnt work on legendary units.


There it is, the shrine of all massing. If u ask me, it is a must-have for all human builders. Shrine first, artillery second, safety third. Awesome for turning 10 warlocks into 15 or even 20 :P

Now, we're done with almost all buildings (im not gonna mention towers and treasure boxes yet, but with the recent balance changes, im gonna look up to them). What we have left is strategies. But as i said before, DO NOT STRICTLY FOLLOW THEM. Most of the time, u need to adapt to your opponents. For example, if the elf makes OoL and stops production, u need to do so too. Or else u will get ownd.

1. Defend da DPS

Human have 2 effective tanks - Defenders with their relative low price and good anti-piercing abilities, and Paladins with good armor and healing abilities. Use them ! Try to make a synced wave of tanks, gunners and snipers/marksman.

Something similar to the "imagined strategy of orc" (which is - mass grunts/axemasters which cut off esnared range units while being buffed), this strategy, if managed ok, might be the human strategy. In most games i know, human are about protection and holy stuff. Here, their protection is made by defender, and the holy stuff is in paladin. They can easily be countered by air, which is countered by ur ranged units. Which means, that human units help each other. Syncing them can make this strategy a winner. However, take care. You must rely on your mates to help you out with specials and divine units. Also, this strategy isnt recomended vs splash and other strategies which will damage your ranged units without killing the tanks.

2. AllYourBaseIsDestroyedByArtillery

Simply, counter your opponents, support your friends untill u have enough money and lumber to make lots of artilery. A reminder - artillery is more or less useless if u have low numbers and opponents dont have lots of buildings. What artillery is good at is killing buildings which gives u money which gives you ability to make more artilery.

That is pretty simple, nothing else to say :P.

3.I beleive i can fly!

The only unit of human that can fly - gryphons. Not only do they fly, they can bash and chain lighting ur opponents, and they use no fossil fuel! Give them a ghallarhorn, and a shrine (just a shrine :P ) and they will hammer their way to the opponent's castle. Take care tho - if opponents use anti air units, it will pay off to make ground units too.

Again, not much to say except that if ur enemies make roflcopters, marksmen, dhawks or other anti air units, abandon strategy! You cannot rely on friends to take out some units. Exceptions are marksmen and possibly copters, which wont fight back vs most units, and your mates can counter them while u are massing your army.

4. Unlimited rescue strikes.

Yes human can do that :P . What did i say before about warlocks? Have a good mass or them and their nukes will kill the opponents to death. AND , they became smarter, so that once they unleash their nukes, they go back so not everything is lost.

One thing to say - if opponents make assasins, abandon strategy! Atleast untill it is late game and assasins dont do much.

Conclusion : Now you know what human units do and what they can do to opponents. Yes, i know i posted strategies, but u need to adopt them to your game - the warlock strategy should NOT be used if opponents have assassin. Sure it might sound attractive - "hey look at me no0bs , i have rescue strike! Oh noes cheater killed my warlocks! " But yeah, the strategies were a bit emphasized :P . They arent godlike strategies and u need to collaborate.

A very important thing, not only for human, but also in all castle fight. In the beggining (pros&cons) u (probably) saw that humans are pretty specialized. The good side of that is that u have some way of countering almost every unit around (except banshee and specials). But the bad side is that if u dont sync ur units, the marksmen will go hunting air without a tank so melee units will kill it, then the air will attack the helpless paladin/defender leaving the warlock with no protection. So to avoid this, you need to sync your units.

About countering, there are 3 most important unit types :
Melee ground
Ranged ground
Ranged air (no melee yet)

now, humans pretty much have all they need to counter most of the units here. For melee ground they have gryphons. Ranged in a lot cases is pierce or magic, both reflected by defender. And air is obvious - marksmen.

however, there is a big problem about humans - assassins. They love to target and kill your gunners, mortars and warlocks. The most common solution is paladin, he has mana which means he will attract some of the assassins, and he can revive units.

Special Cases
In most cases, human are equiped with the right unit to counter opponents. But there are cases when things are deceiving. For example Dhawks. Often newbs dont know their capabilities and they "counter" them with gryphon's magic damage. But that is a newb mistake so we put it aside :P . Decent players have an instinct that makes them counter any air with marksmen. In most cases it is a good idea, but not in this case. Dhawks have heavy armor, which means low dmg from marksmen. So, even if a lucky marksman may kill a Dhawk, it is not good for u cause opponents can use ground units to kill them.

So, what is a good solution?

Well, ive often see this done by newbs who dont know what air and what ground units are :P . But they effectively countered Dhawks with...Defenders! Yes, defenders. But why? Well, simply - they wont attack them, but they will reflect almost all their attacks, and evade the rest, taking almost no damage. Eventualy, the defender is going to kill them.

Other special cases are : Plague bearers (often people counter them with air, and are really surprised to see their units die to plague cloud), Wyverns (counter them with marksman, and u will barely attack. U can only hope to crit on the first attack.) and others

oh, and one more thing. Often you may be tempted into countering ground melee piercing units (such as wandigoo, naga guard, corrupted hound and others) with defender. Well, it isnt a bad choice, but remember - u will not take any damage if u build air units. Be carefull tho, if opponents can build anti-air units, then defender is the way to go :)


I dont remember how many times i said it before but i need to say it again...CF is a TEAM game. And human's specialization enables easy supporting and combinating with allies. For instance, ur friend makes a void keeper and opponent's naga counters with naga guard. Your best thing to do is a defender - it will protect the opponent and the void walker will attack air units in case opponents build them.

Then again, the situation is often in reverse - u build the mortars when opponents have a tower, and ur mates will protect your siege. Or u make gryphons and opponents make trolls. If u are going for the gryph strategy, allies will have to help u out untill ur army of gryphons can take out copters or even Dhawks.

Out of the 6 different types (not including upgrades) units human can build, 3 are units which ur mates benefit from. Those are Paladin for the heal and ress, Defender for good tanking capabilities and Mortars for taking down towers. And of the 3 specials they have, 2 of them are supportive! Use them!

Another important thing - i know that through the guide, i made mortars look really good units. Not that they arent, but do not overrate them. Siege dmg is probably the easiest dmg type to counter. AND, mortars dont attack air! So yeah, use them when needed but take care of how you use them!

Credits :

Kiraice for numerous tactics that helped me get better
Gex for the awesome game
ZliElektronicar and monk for their units stats file which helped me out with units stats (in case u need it, check it out viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1799)
oh almost forgot, FlorWarrior for making the file compatible with excell 2003 :P

Update 1 :
-added countering strats
-added supporting
-added credits

Update 2 :
-added colors! (eye cookies ftw!)
-further explained some strategies, and fixed typos :P
-started hoping for the rep icon :mrgreen:

Update 3 :
-added special cases at the countering place
-started preparing for videos/replays

anything wrong with the guide? just say it and after a 4985164532842 character message, i will prove you wrong :P . Just kidding, if there is something wrong, post it and i will see if i can fix it.

Human guide

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 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:46 am 
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I always hated human artillery >_>, guess Ill have to try them out once again, gj!

Stothex wrote:
Adamant Golem is mega imbalanced

 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:12 pm 
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Good job for sharing.

I have my own human playing style, too.

Now I only use 3 units I think. That will be Warlock, Paladin, and Griffin. Because I am AOE and AIR units addict. :lol:

I always wait in the start for warlock.

If I saw any assassin
else if we don't have undead banshee and they have no massing air units
-I change my plan to Paladin
else if they are massing air units
-I change to Griffin

How this work?

The main tactic will be massing air units or massing only warlock+paladin, the only difference is which one come first.

I have to say warlock+paladin is really good since when warlock is damaged/died and you'll see paladin comes from back line blessing/revive them. As you know that warlock has really low HP 350, and suddenly they get extra 100HP and heals like crazy.

However, assassin does counter warlock. the only hope you have is that bet on luck if assassin picks Paladin or massing Griffin and hope it won't be countered.

Also you have to look out Mach's fly machine since warlock now will target them and nuke. The best way to avoid it is select your warlock and spam right click on the ground, then such bad effects can be avoid.

If once you were dominated, and what you'll see next is warlock auto-farming themselves. That causes you many advantages. They can't sync nor sync by luck to push back.

In the later game if I have massing Griffin already I'll build a Gjallarhorn to buff them (only one in the whole game and micro it for yourself).

Now I merely see that I have the chance to build Heroic Shrine or Artillery, because the game ends too fast either win or lose, also I almost don't start with defender anymore.

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 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:42 pm 

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It's a good start, but it's pretty basic. Maybe you could add more specifics, common human builds, and counters for other units/races. Good job.

 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:55 am 
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thx :)

but i really dont want to add specific builds and stuff...a lot of time, people who follow guides will do exactly what it says and they get countered and blame the guide for loosing

Once, i suggested a night elf player to build a couple of assasins to counter the opponent's ice queens. 10 mins later he had 6 assassins despite the opponent's paladins, wandigoos and tanks

Human guide

 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:02 pm 
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Not really. I think to give an example for what people should to do is the best way for beginner, because for advanced player they always have no same build every games. Example only points out what is good for abusing and what is the counter, but it is surely won't work for every time.

Well, why you talk about ice queen versus assassin? It is the main problem I had in the last AOE tactic when I tried to abuse Queen. XD

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 Post subject: Re: EMPerror's guide to Human
PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:51 pm 
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well, for example the succubuss-satyr-mtr build.

If u build sucubuss, the opponent counters you with assasin, and the chaos will build satyr anyway(he is following a guide). Assasins will easy pwn both of them untill the night elf gets Obelisk of Wilderness to counter something of MTR. That will ruin the early game for chaos.

And i took the assassin one for example cause if someone tells you to counter ice queens with assassins, you will see if opponents built something to counter you with. But if someone is just following orders (I.E team work :P ), he will continue building assasins even if he got countered

Human guide

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