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 Post subject: Exception for Extreme in Terms of Solo Exp
PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:42 pm 

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Well i know that exp for sologames have been questioned a couple of times and I understand u dont want to support it, since it should be a community game. But i think there could be an exception for extreme mode.
The reasons are the following ones:
1.) If u play on hostbot there is nearly noone that is interested in extreme mode and if u pick it u usually screw the other ppl in ur game. So u pretty much have to ruin the game for the other 2-3 ppl. For most its like picking build + easy.
2.) It's pretty much a challenge mode, where alot of things have to go well. U need to be lucky in terms of towers/drops to beat it. So u might need alot of attempts for that. That means alot of games ruined for others.

Consindering how many ppl like to play extreme, im pretty sure it would be an improvement of the multiplayerexperience for most (less ruined games for those who prefer medium), if those who want to play extreme can do that solo - restart the game when they got a bad start aso. And for those who want to play extreme it's easier to get the exp. A couple of years ago i've done those extremegames solo as well, since i did not want to ruin so many games for others. But its sad u dont get exp when u finally manage to beat it and its way harder to get alot exp there than in hard/medium. So it would be just for the challenge anyways but u get at least a small reward.
Edit: Maybe just exp wenn extreme is beaten or sth like that.

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