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 Post subject: Serious Changes Suggestion
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:20 am 
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A quick forewords, I really love YouTD, and I was an active wc3 coder and mini-modder back in my school days. Plus I think I'm quite innovative. Just some bg info.

Game Mode Changes

Main Game Modes:
  • First of all, it's not at all lame.
  • Remove the level requirements for building the rarity chooser in tower builders. (Right now it's 0/6/24/60 for each rarity)
  • This is Totally Random, and that's it.
    Build + Random
  • This is basically Random with Upgrade, but the hero can also build exactly like in build mode.
  • Towers are sold for 25% gold.

Secondary Game Modes: (appears alongside Rush n friends)
  1. Upgrades
    • Only appears for Random, and not B+R.
    • Enables playing Random with Upgrade.
  2. Transmutation
    • Appears for any Build mode.
    • Allows towers to turn themselves into their item version.
  3. Draft
    • Appears for any Random mode.
    • Adds a fifth 'house' that hosts a draft.
    • A draft can be enacted at any time by paying force points.
    • Enacting a draft will fill its house with X random towers, without any duplicates appearing.
    • After a tower is bought from a draft house, all other towers in that house are lost.
    Draft UI:
  • Has 4 rarity enacting options, and 2 for all-rarity, and 1 button to exit a draft.
  • After enacting a draft, all enacting options are replaced with a single exit draft button.
  • Exiting a draft doesn't refund anything.
  • Enacting by rarity requires wave level 0/6/24/60 for each rarity, and costs 5/10/17/33 force points. They yield 6/5/4/3 tower options of their respective rarity per enaction.
  • Half Draft can be enacted for 8 force points, available without wave requirement. It yields 6 towers of any rarity.
  • Full Draft can be enacted for 24 force points, requiring at least wave level 40. It yields 11 towers of any rarity except common.
  • In Totally Random, towers are drafted by family, and each family provides its highest-upgraded tower to the draft that is currently allowed by wave-level.
  • The draft options are very adjustable to what everyone wants, but draft mechanics should at least exist in the game.
Personally, I don't really care about score modifiers, but of course it needs some tweaking to accommodate those changes. Pure Build-only mode is hard, why less score?

Gameplay Changes

Immune Waves Nerf
  • First of all, the original Immune mod has to leave.
  • Replace it with weaker forms of Immune mods.
  • (Below is my take on such mods)
  1. Unstable Immunity
    • Creeps can temporarily turn Immune. (Behaves like Ethereal mod)
    • Creeps that just turned Immune are purged of all debuffs.
  2. Bloodbound Immunity
    • While a creep has more than 66% health, it is Immune.

Magic Attack Change
  • Either:
    1. Does 135% damage only against Sif, 75% against all others (including Zod). Innately takes spell-damage bonuses to attack-bonuses, multiplicatively.
    2. Does 150% damage only against Sif, 90% against all others (including Zod). Innately takes spell-damage bonuses to attack-bonuses, additively.
  • Still can't hit Immune creeps, and can hit Ethereal creeps.
To balance out the nerf to Immune waves. Obviously has the drawback of needing to readjust most magic-dealing towers currently in the map, but I think it's worth it in the long run, plus it has an awesome new mechanic which really makes sense and makes our beloved Arch Sorceress happy.

I was very happy when I saw YouTD released an update this year (2018). Such an awesome masterpiece. Hopefully it'll keep updating stuffs forever, if forever is possible lol.

 Post subject: Re: Serious Changes Suggestion
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:57 pm 
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sounds good

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