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PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:25 pm 
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-- Prologue --

YouTD is my recent project and the topic of my bachelor's thesis. As you might know, I have already made a high quality TD (eeve! TD), but YouTD will be something totally different. I might even say, YouTD is something very different from every other TD ever created. Once it is finished, it will be the most sophisticated Tower Defense ever made.

So what is the difference between YouTD and every other TD:

The whole mapping community will have the chance to design towers and items for this Tower Defense.

By using my script interpreter GMSI and the web interface, people can create towers and then upload them onto this page.
Here, towers can be seen by other people and be discussed. Once an admin approves a tower, it will be automatically put into the next release of YouTD.
People can even download the uploaded towers to learn from others.

-- The engine --
The map offers an extremely sophisticated trigger engine that allows tower creators to make really unique abilities with just a few lines of JASS code.
Here are a few examples of what can be done with this trigger engine and how many lines of code (approximately) will be needed for it:
  • Creating a chainlightning that can critically hit: 0 Lines of code(!) Every spell in YouTD is able to critically hit by default.
  • Creating a chainlightning that stuns all targets it hits and is automatically cast on 20% of all attacks: 12 lines of code
  • Creating a chainlightning that
    • stuns all targets it hits
    • deals 150% damage to undead units
    • deals only 80% damage to air units
    • gets 10% stronger with each tower level
    • is automatically cast on 20% of all attacks
    • Creeps killed by this spell grant 50% more bounty
    • Creeps killed by this spell have an increased chance to drop an item
    20 lines of code
This is no joke! All these attributes, where each of them is hardly used in ANY TD at the moment because they are normally to complex to be triggered, can be coded with just 1-3 lines of code by using the YouTD engine.

You will see towers with effects that have never appeared in any TD.
Here is in ingame screenshot of the values that a tower has. As you can see, towers have really much things to be altered!

-- I need YOU --

I hope I could show you how mighty the YouTD engine is. But as I just said, I want to give the whole map making community the chance to create content for this masterpiece TD.

It requires these things, if you want to participate:
  • Good knowledge of the WC3 gameplay
  • Good knowledge of the world editor
  • Medium or good knowledge of the JASS script language (YouTD Tower's can't be created in GUI Trigger editor)
  • Some vJASS knowledge. However, if you don't have this yet, then you might learn it, I really require the very basics of vJASS like structs for example.

If you have these skills and you feel like creating a tower for this TD now, then welcome!
However, if you miss one of these skills, but you still have a good idea for a tower, then don't hesitate to post it in the forum. Maybe someone else will like your idea and implement your Tower.

For some more information for tower creators, read the FAQ:

>> YouTD FAQ <<

Next, I have written a comprehensive HowTo that explains how you can create a Tower for YouTD and exploit every small feature of the YouTD engine.
If you want to create a tower for this TD, then read it thoroughly!

>> YouTD HowTo <<

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