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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:06 pm 
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What is Glaive Masters?:

This map is very simple but fun.

You control one Glaive Master (GM) , and your Glaive Master has one skill: Throw a Glaive!

You can use this skill on any point and your Glaive Master will throw a glaive towards the target point. You win by killing other players with your glaives. The player who manages to kill a number of players equal to the kill limit (by default 40) first, wins.

Your glaives bounce from walls and trees (and sometimes even other glaive masters), this is what makes the map fun. You can kill people with bouncing glaives that fly wildly through the map.
At the beginning your glaives are small, slow and low ranged. But you can style them up until inn the end they are monster glaives that fly and fly and kill and kill.

Here is the overview of the map:
<Coming Soon - Stay Tuned!>

The Shops

As you can see there are two shops in the middle.
You can spend your gold that you earn by killing other players, there. In addition you get a some gold every few seconds.

The first shop is for pimping your glaives.

You can buy following upgrades there:
  • Increased Glaive Range
  • Increased Number of Bounces
  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Glaive Size
  • Decreased Reload Time
  • Increased Health (this one if for the glaive master itself)

The second one is for special items, that are good for certain strategies:

  • Wards: You can place wards to make an area visible.
  • Healing Potion: Heals you when used.
  • Glowing Glaives: Makes your glaives glow, giving them increased sight radius.
  • Wood Chopper Glaives: When your glaives hit a tree they will destroy it (Note that trees regrow after a certain time)
  • Ghost Glaives: Your glaives will fly through trees without bouncing from them.
  • Magic Glaives: When your glaives hit a player they will not disappear, but will bounce from him. So, you will be able to hit more people with one glaive (very funny ;) ).
  • Shadow Glaives: These become harder and harder to see as they fly, eventally they can become very hard to see indeed!
  • Glaives of the Gods: IF you manage to kill somebody while using these glaives you get a short period of invulnerability.

Recently, a third shop was added that contains special upgrades:

  • Fragmentation: This gives a chance for your glaives to deal some damage in a small area whenever they hit an opponent.
  • Knockback: When you glaives hit an opponent, they have a chance to push them back a distance.
  • Lifesteal: This heals your glaive master for a percentage of the damage every time a glaive of yours hurts an enemy.
  • Boots [Item][Upgradable]: These boots increase your glaive master's movement speed while they are carried.
  • Shield Ring [Item][Upgradable]: This ring gives your glaive master increase protection against damage while carried.

As you can see, 2 of the above items had an [Upgradable] tag. This means that if you buy that item again, it will be upgraded to give better bonuses. Please note that only items that say "Upgradable" in their tooltips have this feature.

That is all. So the game consists of throwing glaives, evading enemy's glaives and upgrading your glaives (or glaive thrower) for gold. Very simple, but fun! Try to get as many players as you can before starting your game. The more players there are, the more glaives will fly making the game a killing orgy ;).

At the start the game may seem a bit lame because it is hard to hit enemies, but the more you upgrade your glaives the easier and faster it gets!

Try different strategies, like:
-Fast Glaives with high damage
-Big Glaives with Magic Glaives and many bounces / much range to hit an enemy more than once
-And so on, try to find your own strategy!

Note: this map is beta, please tell me what I could improve!


Here are some screens of Glaive Masters in Action:
<The old ones are unavailable, I will try to get some new ones ASAP, watch this space!>

To download the map, use the menu on the left ("Download").

Have Fun!

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