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 Post subject: Next project?
PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:47 pm 
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Gekko, if u dont need a rest from Castle Fight, i want to suggest u start working on this map. Its a cool concept, never seen anything like this and its fairly balanced.
IF, you decide to work on this, i have a couple of suggestions.

1. Make teleportation to different platforms different. Something i thought off, give headquarters the ability to load units, and give it a very long range (well, maybe 20000 so it can load the builder from anywhere :) ). That way, you can take it to any place. Also give the builder no collision (or a windwalk ability ) to make it able to unstuck.

2. Although u made a really, really, really good job with the unending part, a lot of public players hate that, and its impossible to find a decent game. I suggest making the game more challenging - every 10 or so rounds, creeps get tougher - maybe double more spawn for the round, or extra hp, or mana shield or what do i know - there are a lot of possiblilities. There is another TD where once you finish all "normal" waves, u start getting the same waves of marines over and over again, but with more hp and every 5 rounds, the creeps have abilities. If u want to take a look at it, its called Power Towers TD :)

3. Add the combo towers :P

4. Damage adders are far, FAR weaker than damage increasers, unless you build level 1 towers (which isnt really a good idea). You can add buffers like critical strike (ive seen it in other TD's )though i dont know how that will go with linking. Well, im sure u can find other ideas for buffers.

5. Sell option

All i can think of now, and no rushing - if u need a rest, i know how u feel :D

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 Post subject: Next project
PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:34 am 
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If I understand correctly - add new stories articles into the station BBS mesage board, where are you can accepted BBS missions and ready stories ?

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