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Author:  geX [ Sun Aug 19, 2007 12:40 pm ]
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puMa-_-' ~~ wrote:
5 movespeed? 0movespeed? cause i never see anY changes in the movespeed it even does not seem like theY are a bit slower

It doesn't work yet^^

Author:  Queue [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:17 pm ]
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Well, I really like the concept: a map you can potentially play for forever.

The hardest parts so far, are getting started (I usually leak 10+ enemies at the start of a solo game) and at the level ~120 mark. At that point, enemy health and mitigation ramp up faster than my solo income and I stop getting kills on the first pass (they die on the second though). Unfortunately, sometime around level 130, enemies revert to 10 health and everything becomes simple. Surviving to this point simply means surviving the 120s. Right now I've left a game running, am occupying 27 islands and my towers have +95000 damage. Round 162 and counting. I've got over 100k gold.

Island linking doesn't work perfectly... if I colonize a new island and build tower(s) before linking, they won't get the benefits after the link, so I have to destroy and rebuild them.

Having to build a new base per island is pretty harsh, especially on the islands with little room. Personally, I prefer starting at the upper left corner of the map due to the island layouts up there.


Author:  Queue [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:02 pm ]
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To add more, I'm to level 222 now and enemies still have 10 health. I also found that the +damage you can add to towers caps out somewhere around 110000 (110k), after which it wraps back down to about 101000 (101k). You can keep juggling it around this value by building more of the damage boosters.


Author:  geX [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:53 pm ]
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yeah the creep hp is still buggy if it exceeds 2 million =).

Also the damage cap will get increased ;).

Author:  Eledhel [ Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:18 pm ]
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well i think the map has great potential and i wanted to point out a bug.

i bought a transport and send it to the other corner of the map. On its way it moved through the end point. Dissapeared and i lost one life :D

keep up the good work gekko

Author:  EMPerror [ Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:20 pm ]
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do they really revert to 10 hp at level 130?
if so...
I just lost at 120 or so :) :) :)
Anyway i found someone to host both your TD's on too bad i dont see him online too often (in other words i dont see him at all) .
Since this is early beta i really want to know when does the next version come out?I cant wait to see the combo tower ;)
And apologies go for the bad comments on hovercraft cost... after 90 round it doesnt matter anyway since there is a cap(which can be slightly decreased).
on my last game(where i lost at the 119~121 round ) i had only a few islands with towers on them, about 6 id say... all the rest were filled with boosters :)

Author:  Velex [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:37 am ]
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YAY i got to level 115 with my friend! By the way, there was some problems linking, is there a certain way it has to be done to work or is it just glitching?

Author:  geX [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:07 pm ]
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Velex wrote:
YAY i got to level 115 with my friend! By the way, there was some problems linking, is there a certain way it has to be done to work or is it just glitching?

No, the problem with linking is that it drives the warcraft 3 engine to its maximum, it uses long code. At a certain point wc3 just cuts of a trigger if it needs to much execution time. The more towers you link the longer the trigger needs to calculate and give the new damage. So at a certain point wc3 will leave some towers out because the trigger is stopped.

Author:  Jason Bourne [ Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  hey emp

Hey EMPerror, I can host and I'm a big fan of Gekkos maps. My name at Europe is J.Bourne, contact me if you want to. Cya ingame.

Author:  Justnatural [ Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:00 pm ]
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Interesting map gekko. It has potential. Looking forward to a stable version.

Author:  Natac [ Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:46 am ]
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How about changing the Armor-type instead of increasing the hp about 1 Million? (Can be done by upgrades)First Armor-Type could get 100%,
After passing lvl 100, armor changes: 10%
Passing Lvl 150: 5%,
Passing Lvl 200: 2%
Passing Lvl 250: 1%
(Of cause this is limited to the 7 or 8 armor-types of warcraft, but i think its impossible to increase the strength to endless.)

Something like evade would also increase the difficulty. I think there are a lot of possibileties to make enemys harder if u past lvl 120.

Saved a game at lvl 186 or so and it becomes boring. Only intersting thing is to build at all islands. But then... Keep PC on over night an look wich lvl can max shown in the Leaderboard? ;)

But its really funny. Greate Idea! :)

Author:  EMPerror [ Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:56 pm ]
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well... i also got over the 130 mark... yeah it gets boring then... hope you get some time to make this map (i know you are busy and all... no pushing)
and btw... natac's comment is good... reducing the damage you deal instead of increasing the damage is a pretty good idea. Or maybe...
For example they reach a max hp of 2 000 000. Now you want the next wave to have 2 150 000 hp (for example). Instead... you give them
150 000 mana and mana shield (normaly activated). So its the same - 1 dmg 1 mana.
When you get to the point of 2 000 000 hp and 2 000 000 mana, and you still wanna increase... you just go 1.5 dmg for 1 mana, or 2 dmg for 1 mana etc...etc...
just giving a suggestion here :)

Author:  Sauragnmon [ Thu May 15, 2008 5:09 am ]
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I had a suggestion, and that would be making the builder intangible with regards to the structures, since at times the teleport command can wind up bugged out, with the builder showing up on the wrong side of the structure, when I wanted the damn bugger to get to the side I could actually build on. I'm not saying make him fly, but if there was some means to make him able to pass through buildings, it'd be perfect.

Another suggestion - making the link towers have a second power choice without a cooldown, so you could find out the cost to link the stone before you hit the link command. I don't know if you can network the links, but it might be nice to consider.

Also - it'd be rather handy if you could decrease some of the costs, because that is one thing that can absolutely kill the players in a full stack game that don't start off with a spawn. Once these players wind up getting leaks, some of them are horribly over in hitpoints and they just wind up leaking to somebody else with a bulk of towers.

Author:  Speedgrapher [ Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:52 pm ]
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I had my first try at abyss today and i like it, thought id share my observations on what could be improved.

1) Sell option ^^ Found myself in need of link stone spot but cant get rid of runes..

2) Range indicator - building towers with 1500 range with no clear creep path is confusing.

3) Builder issue - sometimes i cant get to build on a corner patch etc. Perhaps the islands could be a bit bigger to allow moving around them OR the builder could semi-float (nostuck to buildings, but not to be able to travel to another island) OR a short range blink skill..

4) Linking cost - i presume it is calculated by distance between the link stones in warcraft units only, which is silly. For example, i have two islands next to each other (the closest ones) - it makes no difference where exacly i put the link stone, the link remains between the two closest islands, so i think that the cost to link a closest one could be something like X and linking the one diognally could be square root of 2 * X (Euklides geometry distance), plus the exponential growth of the distance X if needed. Basically calculate the link cost not by pure link stone relation but by island distance relation.

Ayways, awesome idea for a TD and keep up the good work, gekko. :)

Author:  Seikusa [ Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:42 pm ]
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i played it a little
and after 4 buildings i got stuck
the mainbuilding and the towers blocked my path also teleport didnt help cause i just got teleportet in the same spot again.
maybe making a little more room on the edges of an island, or a teleport function like the townportal in original wc3

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