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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 12:45 pm 
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What is eeve! TD?:


eeve! TD is a Tower Defense where normally every player builds his own maze (you can also play in teams, but this is not yet stable).

You have to beat 57 waves of creeps, by killing them with your towers. If a creep reaches the finish you will loose a particular amount of life. If your lifecount drops down to zero, you have lost. Note that every player has his own lifecount, so you don't play together, but every player plays on his own.

This is how the mazing area of a player looks like:
The red line is the way the creeps will walk. The rock triangles are waypoints that the creeps will try to reach, so maze around them and the creeps will have to pass your maze twice.

You can build in the creeps' way, so mazing is allowed at this tower defense.

Appetizer: Why should i play this TD/ What makes it better than the average?

Here are some short facts that you migth like:
  • 6 different Elements with 108 different Towers to choose from!
  • 15 Dual-Element towers with really special abilities
  • Skill system with random parts (no game is like the one before!)
  • Challenge Levels that test the damageoutput of your maze
  • Score System (try to beat your highscore, or put your current highscore on this page!)
  • Experience System for towers (Towers will become stronger, the more creeps they kill)
  • Interest System (save money, to gain interest)
  • Higher Towers have item slots! (Many different items that you can use to empower your towers even more)
  • Random Creeps (Different Abilities, different amount of creeps, each game is different!)
  • Food & Lumber system (Your maze is limited by your food and lumber amount, so make the best of what you have)
  • Bonus Tile System (Build your towers on bonus tiles to make them better)
  • Barrage System (Tired of the plain fields from tower defenses where you only build your straigth maze? Not in barred field mode! Random rocks will be everywhere on the field, you have to build your maze through 'em!)
  • Normal mode is solo, but there is also a 2, 3 or 4 players per Team mode!
  • Play with up to 8 players!
  • Normal, Fast & Race Mode
  • 5 Difficulties from absolute beginner to real pro!
  • High quality optimized triggers and love for small details like you know from all my maps
  • 17 beta versions, a helpful community and my advanced knowledge about balance mathmatics helped to balance the map, so be sure it is better balanced than 95% of all TDs you get to play on bnet.

More Information:

Now you know the basic facts. Let me show you a bit more:

Here is how a mazing area in "Barred Mode" looks like:


As you can see there are rocks all over the field that make straight mazing impossible! I was tired of always building the same maze so i thought of this mode and it is really cool, each maze is different!

You can also see the bonus tiles like the lava and ice fields. If you build a tower on one of them, it will get advantages, like bonus damage or attack speed.

How does a maze look like in this barred mode?
Well here is a small (level 5) nature maze:


As you can see it is far away from the normal boring straight mazing.

But what is a "nature" maze? Well, nature is one of the 6 elements that you can choose, each with different advantages. In later levels you can also combine elements to create dual element towers.

If you want to learn more about the different elements and want to see the 108 towers, visit the element thread. There you can see each element's tech tree.

If you wonder when you can choose elements and how some game mechanics work visit the game basics thread.

Need more pictures?
Here you can see all creeps, the multiboard, dual element towers and your Tech Center where you can place skillpoints on elements.

If you are intrested now, download the map and try it by yourself! (You can download it by pressing on the download link in the left menu)

Have Fun with eeve! TD and feel free to post your highscore here.

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