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 Post subject: Changelog
PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:44 pm 
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Fixing the mess from v1.14...

-Tech mode should work like intended now and should not be on by default
-Assassins are no longer controllable. This was a bug related to the new native functions blizzard included into the patch...
-Specials should work properly again
-The game shouldn't lag that fast anymore. This lag was caused by the bugs mentioned before
-Druid uses its skill properly
-Energy tower should use chainlightning again
-Dragon Hawks uses their ability again
-Chilling Mushroom damage increased by 100. The damage was calculated wrong before
-Corrupted Ancient of Battle is now Tech Level 0

-Repriced tech levels (cheaper now)

This patch fixes the map for v1.24 and introduces a new intersting game mode "Tech Mode" where you have to tech before you can buy higher tier buildings. This could get an often played gamemode, it is kind of interesting. However, note that AI fails in this gamemode since it doesn't tech.

-The game now works with v1.24
-Balance is now enabled by default
-New gamemode: Income Timer (-itXXX): You can set the income timer to an amount between 2 and 120 seconds (standard is 10). Note that altering the income timer will seriously shift the balance between unit bounty and income.
-Reworked chilling mushroom. It is now a direct damage + stun spell against air only. It's more expensive now, but should be a good option for northern spending its wood
-The map now uses one hashing spell handler instead of one for each spell type. This should speed up the map in lategame.
-New gamemode: Tech Mode (-te): Buildings are divided into tier0,1,2,3. You need to buy a tech in your worker build buildings of higher techs.
-The ugly forest in the middle was replaced by a more beautiful one.
-Map uses a more sophisticated protection now. Will avoid some fakes hopefully

-Fill will now fill only 5 players instead of six
-mp mode is no longer able to give 6 players which leaded to bugs
-Hydra is immune and has spell reduction like other legendaries now
-Silver Glade should no longer target buildings hit by a frost launcher
-Fixed the "Not enough food" message
-Infernal's immolation is now able to now hit mechanical units
-Corrupted builder now has the same sight range like all other builders
-Starfall will now make the area visible in FoW making it do damage to enemies
-Lightning orb is no longer undroppable when in cooldown
-Incubus should no longer be able to overtake legendary units
-Observers should no longer give gold to other players when leaving the game
-Fixed that not every unit was trained with hotkey 'Q' leading to some collisions with building upgrades
-Legendary buildings have the legend text now displayed in their tooltip again
-Rewrote the unit storage and random picking system which should fix some errors like erasor not erasing all enemies

-Increased splashdamage and range on ancient hydra and its splash now also targets air units
-Anti Air tower's air attack was buffed
-Human tower buffed
-Red Dragon's splash damage was reduced from 66%,33% to 50%, 25%
-Reduced starting mana of nether and shadow drake by 25
-Increased range of Marksman and made it a bit slower, increased damage against air
-Increased Rocket Tank's rocket damage by 10
-Decreased Volcano's damage to buildings by 33% (the damage reduction to buildings is now stated in its tooltip)
-Buffed Veteran Grunt's and Axemaster's HP slightly
-Increased OoW's spell damage reduction by 5%
-Reduced Frost Launcher's lumber cost by 75 but increased Greater Frost Launcher's lumbercost by the same amount
-Reduced Banshee's hitpoints by 10
-Domination income gain was reduced to 15%. Maybe it is playable now. There could be better fixes, but I didn't have time to think of something better.
-Reduced legendary spell reduction by 5%
-Trippled the lifetime of repair goblins
-Legendary unit buildings now need (accumulated price / 2) lumber
-Fixed the button positions of some buildings
-Increased Blast Staff's lumbercost by 100 to make it compareable to towers

A quick fixing patch for the bugs in v1.13

-Dragonhawk's Solar Attack is working again
-Energy Tower's chain lightning is working again
-The anticaging is archieved by walking through the buildings, because exploding caused many bugs
-You cannot build right before the castle's front walls anymore to prevent some abuses in single lane mode
-Heavy Gunner no longer hits friendly units with its splash damage
-The AI will prefer the Main Castle over normal buildings when checking for repair targets
-The unit will strike a building even if it is not repaired inbetween if an amount of time expired since
the first strike. (This amount is lower for the Main Castle, such that the Castle will receive a strike more
often to prevent game losses without all strikes beeing used)
-AI build regions were slightly changed, that the AI builds closer to the Main Castle in the beginning
-Gjallarhorn buffed only one unit at once, this is fixed

-Reduced Heavy Gunner's armor and hitpoints slightly

-The high taxes modification message still said 15 income instead of 12.5
-Units with splash damage all had "0 AoE" stated in their tooltip, this is fixed

This is mainly a bugfix and balance patch. However, some additions were made: The fixed income, unique races and permanent fog of war modes offer new strategies and are experiments how the game can be improved with new ideas. Bots are now better mates since they build behind the castle and don't crash if they are undead. However, keep in mind that the castle was weakend and thus doesn't have such big tanking capabilities anymore. Most known bugs were fixed and most balance issues were addressed. Read the full changelog or just try out the new version.

-New modification: Fixed Income (-fi): Players start with 100 gold and 30 income.
Income is only increased by Treasure Boxes, nothing else
-New modification: Unique Races (-ur): Each race can only be picked / randomed / drafted once. (Even across the teams)
-The maximum player count was reduced to 5on5 to allow spectators (and because 6on6 truely sucked)
-Legendary units now have a 75% spell damage reduction and most negative effects last less time on them:
-->stun: 50% duration
-->other negative buffs (freeze, curse...): 25% duration
-Bots now build behind the Main Castle
-Reduced the hitpoints of the Main Castle to 5000
-fog of war can now last as long as you wish, or event indefinitly if you use -fow without any number
-Redesigned marksman, he is now only able to attack air
-Added Gunner's Hall as a new upgrade to the Sniper Nest (Gunner's can attack only ground)

-special buildings now work in fog of war
-The undead bot no longer crashes after some time
-Fixed erasor's upgrade lumber cost
-Warlock is no longer doesn't use his spell on mechanical units
-Shredders no longer damage allied buildings when they die
-Nuke Launcher's woodcost was replaced by foodcost
-Fixed the insane repairtime on Gyrocopters, however, they can still be repaired very fast
-You no longer get two workers in the next round when somebody -draws immediatly after the Castle goes down
-When -nafk is chosen, all players that went afk before it will be re'd automatically
-World Freezer orbs now stun units as stated in its tooltip
-In -mr mode, -afk had a strange behavior. This is fixed

-Increased Flesh Golem's hitpoints by 200 and its armor by 1
-Increased the woodcost of Oracle of Sirens, Obelisk of Light and Death Pit
-Increased Naga Guardian's hitpoints by 25
-Increased Naga Royal Guard's hitpoints by 100 and its armor by 1
-Increased the heal ratio of Avatar of Vengeance / Avenging Spirit by 5% / 2% and increased their hitpoints by 50 / 25
-Reduced the income gain of support / killer buildings to 1.2% / 0.9%
-Taxes in -ht (High Taxes) were raised from 15 to 12.5 (so taxes increase by 10% for each 12.5 gold income you have)
-The maximum tax rate was raised from 70% to 80%
-High Taxes mode is now enabled in league mode
-Tower Balance changes:
--> Towers can be repaired around 22% faster
--> Increased build time of towers to 20 seconds (that you really build them BEFORE you get pushed, not during the push)
--> Increased hitpoints to 1500
--> Increased hitpoint regen to 2.0
--> Increased armor to 8
--> Reduced lumber cost to 300
--> Increased tower income gain by 0.1%
--> Blast Staff now costs 200 lumber
-slightly increased minedamage and radius
-slightly increased lunatic goblin's damage, radius and damage against buildings
-changed flamegunner's armor type to light and increased its armor value
-changed iron golem's armor to medium
-reduced Bloodthirster's number of bounces by 1
-Increased Energy Tower's range by 50
-Increased Adamant Golem's hitpoints by 150
-Increased Assault Tank's dps by around 5
-Reduced cost of Aircraft Factory by 10
-Increased bash damage from Rotherothopter/Gyrocopter by 15/20 and increased stun duration by 0.2 seconds
-Solar Strike is no longer able to target mechanical units (will make gyrocopters more useful against Dhawks)
-Powerplant now has an aura that has a chance to purge negative buffs from buildings it empowers
-Volcano is now restricted to 6 victims max
-Incubus is no longer able to overtake legendary units
-Heavy Tank Factory cost was reduced from 270 to 250
-Reduced Ice Queen nove area damage by 25 and freeze trigger chance by 5%
-Increased Magnataur's dps by 7, its stun duration by 0.5 seconds and its stun damage by 25
-Increased Ancient Wandigoo's hitpoints by 150
-Increased Infernal's hitpoints by 100
-Increased Wandigoo's hitpoints by 50
-Increased Axemasters dps by 10 its pulverize damage by 30, its armor by 3 and its hitpoints by 25
-Increased Hydra's splash radius slightly
-Increased Dragon Turtle's dps by 6
-Increased the hitpoints of all murlocs slightly
-Reduced Ballista's dps by 3
-Increased Paladin's armor by 1 and its hitpoins by 50
-Increased Goblin Shredder's armor by 1
-Reduced Murloc's collision size
-Increased cost of treasure box to 350 gold/500 lumber

-Removed the additional % sign in the domination message in -dom mode
-Fixed typo on the undead builder's description
-Fixed wrong dps display of catapult's burning ammo
-Fixed mistakes in the boon tips
-You no longer get the message "Build additional unit producing structures" when you are out of food
-Nether drakes no longer got a fake 0AoE splash in their tooltip

-Caged unit now explode instead of walking through buildings
-Added a hint to OoL's tooltip that its damage goes through most magic immunity and cannot hit invisible units

This is a very big patch containing many new things and some design changes. At first, there is a new race and some new units for other races.
The gamemodes Individual Races and No Coins are now on by default, because the vast majority agreed on them. However, you can still turn them off with new commands.
The foodsystem was replaced by a more accurate wood system, this makes special building balancing easier and more fair.
You are no longer able to cage units inbetween buildings, so farming ain't possible anymore (unless you play -ca).
I rewrote the AI making it more potent, easier to enhance and making it use less CPU time.
Last but not least, there are many new gamemodes other small changes and bugfixes. Check the full feature list!

-New Race: Mechanical
-Individual Race is now always on. You can turn it off by using -dr (dual race)
-No Coins is now always on. You can turn on coins again by using -co (coins)
-Replaced the food system with a wood system, now, creepbuildings grant wood upon construction, specials need wood to be built. Food is now the ressource for legendary buildings
-New tooltips: All tooltip are now generated procedurally by my tool GOSI which results in some changes
-Caging units is no longer possible. If they get stuck they will just walk through your buildings
-New gamemode: Caging (-ca): You are able to trap units with your buildings and build farms like in earlier versions
-You can buy items from everywhere in your castle now
-Buildings are now "summoned" to avert caging abuses. In exchangeg normal buildings need 4 seconds now to be summoned. So you still have some time to cancel a wrong building
-Buildings with a specific range like towers or gjallarhorn got now a button to display their range
-Sold Items only grant 30% of their normal price now
-In -prX you now have only 34 seconds (30 seconds of round time) to pick a race. If you don't pick one you will get a random race. A timer window displays the remaining time
-New Elf building: School of Wizardry
-Tower of Supreme Magic is now a legendary upgrade
-New Corrupted building: Ancient of Annihilation
-The afk detection no longer relies on the movement of the worker. It now checks for selection events and worker order events
-New gamemode: Domination (-dom): Your team gains bonus income if it controls both lanes
-Special building now use their Mana as Spellcooldown. This way I can do fancy things like speeding up their cooldown (which is done by power plant)
->Note that some buildings had their cooldown changed by 0.5 seconds, because with mana I can't do cooldowns like 12.5 sec.
-New gamemode: Single Lane (-sl -slt -slb (random/top/bottom)): Units can only move over one lane. Also air units cant fly over the other lane.
-New gamemode: Stable Mode (-sm): You can't choose the latest race (Mechanical in this patch). This is for league matches and wars, if a new race is still imbalanced
-New gamemode: Fog of War (-fowXXX) There will be Fog of War at the beginning of each round for XXX seconds. Max is 180 seconds.
-New command: Extra Rounds Vote (-xrX): Increases the number of wins for overall victory by X. All players must agree to this change
-New gamemode: Ban Races (-banX) Before races get picked/randomed the leader of each team bans X races which cannot be picked/randomed then
-New gamemode: Race Draft (-d): This is a new major game mode like pick and random. In this mode you pick your races in a fix order (1-2-2-2-2-2-1). It can be used like the other game modes, for exampel -dr3 starts a draft each round game with 3 wins
-New gamemode: Multiple Players (-mpX): Each human player controls X players
-Changed Food Limit to Lumber Limit (-llXXXXX): You can limit the maximum amount of lumber that a player can get with this gamemode
-Added a block effect whenever an immune unit is hit by a special building
-Reduced the collision size of most units making bigger battles on less space possible
-Rewrote the AI completely, should fix some bugs and decrease CPU usage, in addition the behavior of Bots is changed:
-->The AI tries to place Rescue Strikes more accuratly now, killing more enemies
-->The AI no longer spams towers, but calculates the remaining rescue strikes and already built towers in its desition when to build a tower
-->The AI will build more specials when it has the wood to do so
-->The AI counters much better now, considering the armor and attack type of all enemies on its lane and many other factors
-->The AI should use less computation time
-->The AI repairs now all damaged buildings using a priority system, not only the ones that are attacked recently

-Avenging Spirits reduction now works properly
-Fixed some percent glitches (rounded all percent chances to 5% steps)
-Ballista should no longer damage allies with its splash attack
-You can now upgrade to Church with its hotkey R
-If a player picked for another player (due to shared control), the picking player received the builder. This is fixed
-Frost Orbs no longer slow workers
-Bots shouldn't use their RS against frost orbs and starfalls anymore
-Silver Glade won't cast their heal onto tentacles anymore
-Turret of Souls and Coral Statue no longer already have their aura before they are built completely
-nrs works properly now
-Rewrote the whole race pick / random system. The bug that allowed you to pick a race twice in -ir should be fixed
-pause should work now
-You are no longer able to block with undead builder
-Fixed a mistake in the Manual
-Vampires no longer raise from mechanical units
-Added to OoW's tooltip, that it has an extra chance to target unbuffed units
-You are no longer able to "pet-use" your units by setting their rally point
-Fixed some buff icons
-Corrupted Protector should no longer fail to attack in some situations
-Race Chooser no longer uses food
-Naga Siren should no longer be able to be blocked by workers
-You no longer can get multiple workers by abusing -draw
-AI should no longer use Rescue Strike on buildings under construction

-Reduced Wizards lightning trigger chance to 25% and the value of his heal to 220 hp
-Reduced Suumpmolk's poison to 35%
-Reduced Bloodthirster's Faerie Fire armor reduction to 6, increased cooldown to 6 sec and speeded up the casting animation
-Reduced Sukkubus curse's chance to miss to 35%
-Reduced Banshee's slow amount to 30%
-Assassins walk faster in stealth
-Increased the armor and damage reduction of ancient wandigoo's Howl
-Speeded up the casting animation of ice trolls
-Increased the damage done by magnataurs stomp by 25
-Artillery now has normal Killer income
-Increased the damage of Frost Wyrm
-Hydras have minor splash damage now
-Reduced Mana regen on Royal Assassins from 1 mps to 0.7 mps
-Assassin starting mana from 60 to 70
-Reduced income gain of Killer and Support buildings by 0.2%
-Lich King now has the same immunity like Amazon (against Death Pit for example)
-Reduced the cost of City of Decay by 100 gold
-Dragonhawk Rider armor down to 3
-Capped max number of targets for Dragonhawk Rider's Solar Strike to 5 again
-Increased Sniper's damage by 2 and Marksman's by 3
-Removed Manapool from all Hydras
-Tidal Guardian is legendary now, increased cost, damage, AoE, decreased cooldown
-Reduced Slaughter House's cost by 50
-Slightly increased damage on Elune's Lantern
-Gjallarhorn, Succubus, Ent/Treant, Incubus, Chainlightning, Ice Queen, Necromancer, City of Magic and Coral Statue can now target mechanical units with their abilities
-increased Tidal Guardians cooldown by 1 second and reduced its damage to 270
-Starfall Obelisk is legendary now, increased goldcost by 150, cooldown to 30 sec, increased AoE, increased duration by 1 second, increased damage done to buildings (33% -> 40%)
-Decreased Dragon Turtle's damage by 15

This version splits the Elven Union into two different races. Some units were redesigned and some effects added. Many balance changes have been made, namely increasing the foodcost of many special buildings, to avoid spamming. Some more gamemodes were introduced, especially the custom enviroments. Type their command and you will see the whole map transformed into another location. At the moment there is lava and icy enviroment, but there are more to follow. You are now able to see how much damage a rescue strike deals. Many more small changes, read the complete log to learn about 'em. Warning, there is a fake v1.11 in BNet that doesn't contain any content from the real 1.11 and is more or less a hacked 1.10.

-Split Elven Union into 2 races (adding new buildings)
-Reworked map code to improve lategame performance
-New Soundset for the corrupted builder ;)
-Redesigned World Freezer
-Reworked many building ability tooltips increasing their information content
-New Unit for Undead: Lich King (legendary)
-New unit for Orc: Spellbreaker Kodo Rider
-Implemented a new Effect-To-Building attachment system, that allowes me to add more effects to buildings
-Added new effects:
* Magic Tower Ruin idle & cast effect
* Well of Pain idle effect
-Added hero damage to all armor tooltips
-When a player uses his Rescue Strike, all players receive a message displaying how many units he killed and how much damage he did
-Remade Scroll of Stone (changed some values and it is now targetted instead of around the user)
-Improved terrain slightly (walls look more beautiful now)
-Made a custom environment system, Host can pick a custom environment by typing its code like a gamemode
-Added custom environments:
* Icy Environment (command: -envice)
* Lava Environment (command: -envlava)
-Improved the game interface slightly (added / customized some messages and other stuff)
-Improved Rescue Strike animation: A small ball is launched from the caster that you can see who made the RS
-Added the cooldown to all building ability tooltips
-Added an icon to coral statue and Obelisk of Light that displays their abilities
-Improved the boon reminder. It now displays more useful information for new players
-New Modification: -nl (No Legendaries): Players can't build legendary structures
-New Modification: -nrs (No Rescue Strike): Builders don't have a Rescue Strike
-New modification: -flX (Food Limit): Will set the food limit to X. X can be any number between 0 and 999
-New Fun Modification: -nuke (Nuclear Battle): The Main Castle sells nuke launchers
-New model for Greater Chaos Citadel
-Improved statistics (added RS damage and changed colors)
-Increased gamemode choose time to 20 seconds since there are plenty of things that can be entered and also slow typers should be able to type all modifications they want
-New command: -pause. Host can type "-pause" during the mod choose time to disable the 20 second game start timer. Game will then only start when he types "-skip"
-New commands: -eastX / -westX. Host can type these to add X bots to the eastern/western force. If you use these commands without an X, one bot is added

-Hopefully fixed the bug that you could get a race twice in -ir in certain situation
-Tentacles and Hydras (since they split) no longer get revived by a Shrine of Justice
-Reduced Heroic Shrine clone percentage by 6% (you will see only 1% less, but the chance was accidentaly 30%)
-Volcano, Ancient Pyramide, Tidal Guardian & Forgotten One will no longer target air units
-Fixed the felhound/nether ancient hotkeys
-Tentacles & Volcano will not damage buildings in -na mode
-Buffed units with divine armor should no longer survive a rescue strike
-Heroic Shrine should no longer be able to clone legendary units (as its tooltip says)
-Amazon's Hall had much too low bounty
-Lernean Fountain had too few hitpoints
-Set Max Pitch and Roll to 0 for all buildings. They are not leaning anymore near an edge
-Fixed some graphical glitches on buildings using a composed model
-Fixed Northern Tower's repair rate (was too high)
-Fixed Tidal Guardian's Armor Type
-Erasor Fixes/Balances:
-Snipers/Marksmen no longer get erased with Shadow Drakes
-Troll Trappers/Berserkers no longer get erased with Void Walkers/Keepers
-Vampire Lords no longer get erased with Vampires and Lesser Vampires
-Hydras and Lesser Hydras now get erased together
-Quill Demons and Satyrs now get erased together
-All Kodos get erased together
-Fixed some mistakes in the tooltips and hotkeys
-Fixed some bugs concerning the boon reminder
-Tidal Guardian now gets healed by coral statue like every other building
-Fixed Polar Bear's/Magnataur's/Frost Wolf's wrong spawntime
-Infernal Tank / Machine are now classified mechanical as they should be
-You can build siege units in -ns now
-Defenders no longer lose their defend ability after they get hexed/revived/overtaken
-Eye of Corruption now also reduces the armor of mechanical units
-Fixed some bugs with the Magic Tower Ruin
-Removed meaningless buff icons from various units
-Fixed that Plague Bearer's and Suffocated Zombie's attack slowed attackspeed instead of movementspeed
-Skull Pile is no longer a "special building" in the end-of-round statistics,
it is considered as a creepspawning building now
-Gryphon Rider used Wizard's Chainlightning (dealt too much damage). This is fixed

-Increased the cooldown of Wizard's Healwave from 10 to 14 seconds and increased Manacost from 50 to 70
-Increased Volcano cooldown by 1.5 seconds
-Increased Volcano damage against buildings by 10%
-Decreased Warlocks movement speed by 30,hitpoints by 20 and Chamber damage by 10
-Warlock's PBAoE Chamber now costs 35 mana
-Improved Warlocks AI: After casting his PBAoE he runs away a bit and waits for his spell to reload
-Reduced Amazon's max Number of Targets by 2
-Increased food cost of the Death Pit by 1
-Reduced food production of the Skull Shrine by 1
-Reduced Obelisk of Light's damage per hit by 10 by reduced cooldown a bit (by 0.166 sec)
-Decreased Well of Pain's mana regen by 0.05 per sec
-Decreased Amazon's Hall's food production to 4
-Increased City of Decay's dps by 1
-Reduced the values of Ceremonial Totem's buff a bit and increased Cooldown by 1 second and its foodcost by 1
-Marksman has now 2 attacks (even if you don't see the icons), it should focus air more often
-Increased Coral Statue's unit heal value by 1.5hp/sec
-Increased Banshee's slow's cooldown by 6 seconds and reduced its duration by 10 sec
-When a Paladin revives another Paladin, the revived one will have its mana reduced to 30 that it cannot instant rezz another unit
-Removed Mana from Winged Serpents
-Decreased Naga Guardian's & Royal Guard mana by 25 (Note: They still have mana that you can use them to lure assassins)
-Reduced Eye of Corruption's cooldown by 10 seconds
-Reduced Serpent Rock's cooldown by 0.5 seconds
-Reduced Manacost on Nether Drake's and Shadow Drake's splash ability from 25 to 20
-Increased Winged Serpents bounce range by 50 and recuded damage reduction per bounce to 30% (35% before)
-Increased Forgotten One's foodcost by 1, goldcost by 30 and its cooldown by 0.5 seconds
-Buffed Serpent Rock
-Reduced the cast time of many unit abilities (they don't play their cast anymation twice anymore with some exceptions)
-Increased the Mana that is taken away by Naga Siren's purge by 150
-Greatly reduced the manapool and spellcost for Ancient Wandigoo and Magnataur to make them more resistant to feedback
-Paladins can no longer ressurrect legendary units
-Removed Firebolt ability from Wizard
-Decreased Chilling Mushroom's cost by 20
-Increased foodcost on Oracle of Sirens, Obelisk of Light, City of Magic and Volcano by 1

Just a few fixes for the tournament playoffs, nothing new.

-You can no longer block units with your builder
-Increased the cooldown of Wizard's Healwave from 10 to 14 seconds and increased Manacost from 50 to 70
-Reduced Heroic Shrine clone percentage by 7% (you will see only 2% less, but the chance was accidentaly 30%)

This patch is a small one concerning last bugfixes and balance issues before we start the tournament.
In addition I tried again to make the game more noob friendly. The "Quests Menu (F9)" is now used as a small manual where new hosts can learn how to enter gamemodes & mods and new players find some basic hints. I improved the gamemode entering system, you can now write gamemodes & mods and some other things
in one line. Examples: "-pr2 -balance -boons -na -lm -skip" or "-uo-fill3-rr2".
The statistics are more concise now and the roundtime is displayed in the score board.

-Filled the Quests menu with useful information like how to enter gamemodes and some basic hints
-You can now enter gamemodes and modifications in one line (for example: -rr2-ir-na)
-Added the round time to the score board
-Removed the "-modes" command as this information is now in the Quests menu
-Made the "-armor" table a bit more concise
-Improved the statistics
-Some cosmetic improvements & tooltip updates
-Changed RS Hotkey to "V"

-Changed a wrong entry in the armor table (medium was to good)
-You should no longer be able to get twice the same race in -ir when randoming
-Gold and Coin spawn no longer differs in later rounds (like Bounty coming 3 seconds after round 2 started)
-worker buttons no longer shift around when a race is picked in -ir
-bots no longer get new races each round in "pick whole game (-pg)" mode
-you no longer get double base leave messages when blinking outside your base on the corners
-Chaos Champion no longer casts roar when an enemy air unit passes by
-Magnataur's stomp now has a mana cost (125)
-Fixed some wrong tooltips and hotkeys

-Decreased Gryphon Rider's Chain Lightning damage from 200 to 150
-Reduced Ice Queen's Frost Nova specific target damage by 25. AoE damage stays the same.
-Increased World Freezer's damage by 20 and slow duration by 1 second
-Changed Crusader's and Paladin's attack type from normal to hero
-Increased Axemaster's Hitpoints by 75
-Changed Skeleton General's attack type from chaos to hero
-Increased Warlock's HP by 30, changed his armor type to unarmored, added 1 armor, changed attack type to chaos and increased movementspeed by 10
-Increased Drum'n'Base Baseline Generator's cost by 25
-Buffed Scroll of Stone
-Increased Glaive Thrower's damage loss per target from 25% to 30%
-Increased Blood Thirster's damage loss per target from 15% to 20% and reduced number of targets by one
-Decreased Winged Serpent's damage loss per target from 40% to 35% and removed dispel (was hardly ever used)

This patch is just a bugfix and balance patch. The new AI was very buggy and had to be fixed.
I hope AI works now correctly. In addition some other major bugs like the Amazon immune to
RS are fixed. Some balance changes were done.

-Many AI fixes, hopefully everthing is fixed (thx to nav)
-AI uses Rescue Strike faster
-NoAFK should work now
-You shouldn't become a bot anymore when afk too long
-Mutation no longer cost food
-Chilling Mushroom costs one food now
-Golden Shrine of Justice costs 7 food now
-The league mode command "-lm" works now
-Amazon is no longer immune to rescue strike
-Fixed some typos
-Hero Armor has a proper tooltip now
-Chilling Mushroom no longer ports some units to it
-Changed the hotkey of Treasure Box to "V", i hope it works now

-You no longer get bounty for buildings destroyed by a Shrine of Destruction
-Adjusted Shrine of Destruction cooldown to 35 seconds
-Changed SoD's income type from killer to support because you no longer get bounty for its kills
-Increased Foodcost of the Magic Tower Ruin to 2
-Decreased Hex Time of City of Magic to 45 seconds and increased cooldown to 10 seconds
-Changed the Hero Armor table a bit
-Increased cost of the Highelven Tower of Magic to 475
-Decreased Fireball damage of the Wizard by 25 and Chain Heal amount by 25
-Increased the cost of the Felhoundshrine by 30
-Increased Aura range of the Felhound from 550 to 900 and added +3% attackspeed
-Increased Felhound hitpoints by 150 armor by 1 and damage by 5
-Increased the damage reduction of Corrupted Ent/Treant by 2%/5%
-Increased max mana of Nether/Shadow Drake
-Volcano deals less damage to buildings (50% instead of 75%)

This patch finishes the races. All races have a legendary now and use all their building slots. In addition many new modifications were implemented and Nav build a new smart AI, that makes bots more competitive. In addition AI will take control over players that are afk. All known bugs are fixed and many other small improvements were made. I also put a custom loading screen into the map. Due to good compression it increases the mapsize by only 300 kb.
Note: I had to skip v1.07 and v1.08 because there were many faked versions in BNet which would have leaded to confusion if i had also named my version v1.07. I've put a note on the loading screen adivising players to only download from this site. I hope this is sufficient enough, that i won't have to skip future versions again.

-Eight new buildings: Lernean Fountain (Naga), Marksmen's Hall (Human), Heroic Shrine (Human),
Golden Shrine of Justice (Elves), Trapper's Hut (Orc), Magic Tower Ruin (Chaos), Crypt (Undead),
Chilling Mushroom (Northern)
-new Modification: -ir (Individual Races): Each race can only be picked / randomed once per team
-new Modification: -cc (Crazy Coins): Ten coins will spawn instead of one
-new Modification: -nc (No Coins): No coins will spawn
-new Modification: -nafk (No AFK): There will be no afk detection and "-afk" won't work
-new Modification: -lm (League Mode): Activates "No AFK" and "Individual Races" because these will be used in CF Tournament N°1. In addition auto team balance and fill are turned off in this mode and cannot be turned on.
-new AI (by Nav): Smart AI with many new features
-new Commands: -afk/-back: AI will play for you if you write -afk. Write -re to gain back control of your worker
-new Command: -draw: If all players write "-draw" the round will be restarted. This is to avoid neverending rounds
-Added an effect that shows which worker still has his rescue strike
-Added an effect that shows which worker uses his rescue strike
-You cannot attack team units anymore as long as they are above 20% hp. This prohibits purposely team attacking
-slowed down the walk animation of builders
-New icon for Volcano
-Added a fadefilter at the beginning of each round (screen fades in from black)
-Added statistics at the end of each round
-Added a custom loading screen (by Alex Popescu)
-Leaver Detection: AI will take controlover a worker if it does not move for some minutes.
Players can type -re to gain back control of their worker
-You see now bufficons for units that were buffed by a ceremonial totem. The 3 different buffs give different icons so that you can see which buff the unit got

-Coin spawn is using timers now making coins more resistant to lags
-Double & Quad damage now stacks correctly with roar of chaos champion
-Mirror mode is no longer buggy and ignores player slots, i.e. it will also give mirror races
if playerslots are not the same
-Succubus had wrong armortype displayed
-Shaman had wrong damagetype displayed
-Azure Drake's splash damage works now properly
-The armor table was totally wrong, this is fixed
-Some units had too high levels causing abilities like hex to be less effective on them, this is fixed
-Chaos & Northern will no longer have the level of their units displayed (like all other races)
-Magnataur no longer tries to stomp air units
-Chainlightning should be able to hit catapult now
-Ancient Pyramide no longer hits air units
-Human Tower no longer has the Magic Ward ability (it was useless anyway)
-The Castle will now spawn correctly even if a critter walks on its spawn location
-swapped Anti Air Tower's attacks that it focusses air first
-No abilities consume food anymore for a few seconds
-Blademaster is no longer accidentally counted as a ranged unit
-Fixed some typos
-Glaive Thrower is mechanical now
-Artillery is now removed instantly after a team wins to prevent it from killing next round's buildings
-Fixed that you couldn't upgrade Skull Pile in "-uo" & "-ns"
-Swapped the names of the Corrupted Ancient of Battle/War
-Vampires will no longer be able to be risen from Tentacles
-Volcanos & Pyramides will target air units less often (practically never)

-Amazon is now immune to magic
-Lumber cost from 1k to 1,5k gold
-Increased SoD's cost to 850 and made it legendary, but reduced cooldown to 30 seconds
-Increased City of Decay's dps from 6 to 7
-increased double damage cost by 100
-Anti Air tower has its attacks swapped causing it to target air more often
-Warlock PBAoE Damage to 270

Skipped due to fakes.
Note: If you have this version on your computer, you can be sure that it is a fake.
Don't play it, it may contain cheats!

Skipped due to fakes.
Note: If you have this version on your computer, you can be sure that it is a fake.
Don't play it, it may contain cheats!

This patch should completely fix the damn Incubus Bug. I also did some balance changes, so i hope this version can be used for competetive play. Also included some new modifications that hosts can alter the game even more.

-improved Bot AI
-Leaver messages are now colored in red to highlight them
-Destroyed trees regrow after each round
-new Modification: No Items(-ni): You can't buy items if this modification is chosen
-new Modification: No Specials(-ns): You can't build food consuming special buildings other than TBs and Towers at -ns
-new Modification: No Air(-nai): You can't build structures that train flying creeps
-new Hostcommand: "-skip": This can be typed to end the 15 second mode selection period. If you already entered gamemode and don't want to wait anymore type this and round 1 will start immediately

-Finally the whole Demonic Statue bug is fixed (it were two bugs, one was fixed in v1.06b the other, more serious one is finally fixed now)
-Warlock PBAoE did not damage mechanical units. This was not intended, thus fixed
-Rescue Strike no longer doesn't work in a Volcanic Eruption. In addition i changed its effect and icon, the fire was just too similar to the Volcanic Eruption
-Fixed some typos

-increased food cost of Shrine of Destruction by 1, gold cost by 50 and increased cooldown by 10 seconds
-increased siege creep building income by 0.1%
-increased Defender's hitpoints by 50
-increased the cooldown of Death Pit by 2 seconds
-increased the cooldown of Oracle of Sirens by 5 seconds and Goldcost by 20
-increased the cooldown of City of Magic by 1.5 seconds and its cost by 10 gold
-decreased lifetime of tentacles from 12 to 9 seconds, increased their damage and hitpoints, changed their armor to unarmored and increased spawncooldown by 1

A quick bugfix patch to fix the Demonic Statue bug and some others.

-Fixed the "Demonic Statue leaving rocks" bug
-The Armor & Damage tooltips should now work correctly
-Fixed some wrong tooltips & typos

-Shrine of Destruction can no longer kill legendary buildings
-Changed Tentakle's damage type to Hero (Hero damage type was also reworked) to make it worse against buildings

This patch cointains no new units. Instead i tried to balance everything and i added many other features that will make the game be more fun. I reworked the tooltips, now you can see which unit has which abilities before you build it. Many other small things. All known bugs from v1.05c are fixed.
Read more about the new Modifications & Commands in the Gamemodes topic!

-new armor table (balanced the attack and armor types)
-new armor/attack type tooltips (to match the armor table)
-you get a message when somebody in your team collects the coin, collecting many coins in a row results in extra messages :)
-removed many memory leaks
-new tooltips for buildings
-Tax system implemented: The more income you get the more taxes you must pay (this reduces lategame income). You can see information about the tax you pay, using the "-income" command
-new Hostcommand:-fill[numPlayers], you can now write a number behind -fill to set the number of players per team to fill the teams up. -fill4 for example would fill both teams up to 4 players.
-new Modification: -na (No Artillery)
-new Modification: -ntb (No Treasure Box)
-new Modification: -nb (No Bounty)
-new Modification: -nt (No Taxes)
-new Modification: -ht (High Taxes)
-increased start income to 5, but lowered bounty for units by around 25%-30%
-increased killer-type & support-type building income by 0.1% because you get less bounty
-removed the "Normal" armor type from the game, because it had no own icon and was misleading, all units that had Normal armor got another type for it
-you get your whole gold back when canceling a structure/upgrade

-Mirror Mode should now also work even if the slots of the teams are not even
-Defend should now be able to deflect projectiles properly
-Fixed an abusable bug with Tidal Guardian
-When green or red leaves the Main Castle no longer changes owner, causing strange bugs
-Autocast now works properly on buildings that are upgraded while they are using their ability
-Modification Messages were only displayed to player 1. This is fixed
-Fixed some button positions/tooltips/icons
-Special Buildings should no longer create corpses (no buggy skeleton spawns anymore)
-Mighty Necromancer gives bounty now and has proper spawntime
-Food Production of Kodo Farms was wrong, this is fixed
-You no longer loose income when canceling a structure
-Nether Dragon's Splash no longer hits own units
-Fixed Wandigoo's and Polar Bear's attack type
-Serpent Rock no longer speeds up enemy units

-Skull Shrine no longer raises normal skeleton warriors
-Increased Skull Shrine's cooldown from 10.5 to 15 seconds
-Decreased the bounty of tentacles by 1
-Decreased the cost for Skull Pile by 10, but increased the cost for Skull Shrine by 10
-Treasure Boxes now count as a "Killer" for income calculation (1.1% income, before it was 1.4%)
-Increased Treasure Box cost by 30
-increased Wyvern Riders armor by 1
-increased Magnataur's armor by 1
-buffed Defender
-reduced Gryphon Rider's Bash chance from 15 to 12.5 percent, armor from 3 to 2
-increased Grunt's and Veteran Grunt's damage a bit
-incresed Veteran Grunt's and Axemaster's armor by 1
-increased Hitpoints of Grunt, Veteran Grunt and Axemaster
-increased Shaman's range by 25 and damage by 10
-increased Catapult's armor by 2 and damage by 20
-reduced Shamanic Tent's cost by 20
-buffed all murlocs
-buffed Suumpmolk a bit
-buffed Naga Guardian/Royal Guard a bit
-decreased winged Snake's hitpoints by 15 and armor by 1
-Winged Snake's attack type from pierce to magic, Naga Siren's attack type from magic to chaos
-increased Naga Siren's armor by 1
-increased Dragon Turtle's range by 30, added a lesser Bash ability and buffed its Shell a bit,
in addition it can attack air now
-increased Satyr's armor by 1
-increased cost for Fountain of Blood by 10
-Succubus armor from light to unarmored and damage from chaos to magic, buffed damage a bit
-increased Red Dragon's movespeed by 20 and increased its turn rate, buffed damage a little bit
-reduced Plague Bearer's Hitpoints by 30
-increased Hitpoints of Vampire and lesser Vampire by 25 and Vampire's armor by 1
-Vampire's armor from light to heavy
-Decreased Banshee's range by 50
-increased Flesh Golem's movespeed by 50
-increased Hitpoints of the Master Archer by 80
-decreased armor of Faerie Dragons by 2
-reduced Wizard's range by 50, but increased damage and attackspeed
-decreased Void Walker's hitpoints by 25 and explode damage by 10
-decreased Void Keeper's hitpoints by 40
-renamed Nether/Shadow Dragon to Drake
-reduced the starting mana and mana regeneration of Shadow and Nether Drake and reduced its Bonusdamage by 5
-reduced Nether Drake's hitpoints by 25
-increased Shadow Drake's armor by 1
-removed Shadow Drake's damage reflection
-increased Shadow Drake's Splash Damage
-adjusted some values at Infernal Tank/Machine
-buffed Frost Wolf/Polar Bear/Magnataur
-buffed Shadow Shaman's damage by 5
-buffed Witch Doctor's armor by 1
-buffed Ancient Wandigoo's Howl a bit
-buffed Ice Queen Frost Nova damage by 25 and its armor by 1
-increased Azure Drake damage and splash a bit
-reduced Elder Blademaster damage by 5
-buffed Lobster's Shell to ignore 10 damage more
-increased the Cooldown of City of Magic by 0.5 seconds
-increased the Cooldown of Oracle of Sirens by 1 second
-rebalanced Serpent Rock
-buffed Volcano's Eruption
-reduced Watch Tower's average damage by 5
-increased Arcane Tower's attackspeed a bit
-decreased Icy Towers cost by 20
-increased Anti Air Tower's cost by 25 and reduced its damage against ground a bit
-changed income type of Forgotten One from Support to Killer

Corrupted AI now works properly, you can pick a random race in a pick game and some other fixes/balances.

-You can now choose "random race" in a pick game
-Corrupted have normal ground textures now, the others were just too big

-Azure Drake's splash no longer hits own units
-Eye of Corruptions armor reduction no longer affects workers
-Fixed Dragon's bounty value
-Fixed/completed some tooltips/button positions
-Corrupted Builder now produces one food like each other builder
-the rot of Plague Bearer Should now be able to kill units properly
-Fixed Murloc's low aquisition range, it should be normal now
-Ents and Treants have a normal selection circle now

-reduced the range of Mighty Necro's Carrion Swarm to 650 and its damage to 60
-reduced the cleave range of Chaos Champion by 25
-increased the cleave range of Naga Guardian by 5 and of Naga Royal Guard by 10
-Infernal's Burn burns also air units now
-decreased the duration of Banshee's slow from 90 to 45 seconds
-decreased the rot dps of Suffocated Zombie from 15 to 12 dps
-reduced the duration of Plague Cloud from 10 to 5 seconds and its damage from 20 to 18
-added a lesser crit to Skeletal Hero
-decreased the damageBonus against Troll Berserk's in rage from 20% to 10%
-reduced the duration of Ent's/Treant's damage decrease from 60 to 20 sec and decrease from 30/60
to 25/50
-decreased the range of Infernal Tank's aoe line damage from 800 to 700
-decreased the hipoints of Ents/Treants by 5/10 and reduced their damage a bit

I released this hotfix patch to fix the major bug that caused so many game crashes. In addition, some
other bugfixes and balance changes.

-The game no longer crashes if a Vampire kills a unit that has been hit by a Void Walker before
-Faerie Dragons no longer stop moving after using their heal
-The bonus damage per hit onto the same target of the Void Walker should now work correctly and have
the right projectile model
-Ancient of Battle now has its upgrade effect properly
-The Frost/Ice Claws now have the proper active icon
-Fixed some wrong tooltips
-Formerly frozen units now move again after the freeze effect ends
-The Rescue Strikes should be displayed properly at the multiboard after a round's beginning

-increased the price for icy tower to 250 and reduced its splash damage
-increased the explosion damage from void walker attacks from 30 to 50
-increased the price of the death pit by 40 to 360
-increased the cost for the Oracle of Sirens by 30 to 290
-increased the damage of the Corrupted Protector by 10
-reduced the stock maximum of lumber from 2 to 1

The new patch comes with two new races and introduces the new mode input system. Read more about this system in the Gamemodes topic in the forum. Now you can give your games better names like "Castle Fight -pr2", so people know which mode you are going to play. Undead got many upgrades, because they had none yet. Finally i decided to put a custom preview screen into the map. It increases map size from 105kb to 247kb but i think that is ok, because the map is still one of the smallest maps that are hosted.
I also did many balance changes, but the new races could be still imbalanced. So please give feedback if you have complaints about something. The next patch will contain leak fixes and lategame balance (you know, these round where everybody has 300+ income and the game is decided by artillery or is never decided). I wanted to put these two things into this patch at first but then i thought i should first release the two new races, that you can help me balance 'em while i can think about leaks and lategame balance. I hope, that with the next patch i can manage that even in 4 round games people with average PCs won't lag out.

-Two new races: Corrupted, Northern
-Four new buildings for Undead: Skull Pile(former Hall of Necromancy), Skull Shrine, Bone Sanctuary,
Rotting Hay Cart, Tainted Farm
-One new building for Chaos: Greater Demon Cage
-new Gamemode: Mirror mode(-m): Both teams get the same random races
-new Modification: Units Only(-uo): You can only build unit producing structures (also no siege weapons).
-reworked the mode input system, player1 can now choose modes by writing a command into the chat. If he doesn't do that in the first 15 seconds he will still be able to choose the gamemode via dialogues. Note that the new modes are not available via dialogues! Visit the gamemodes topic in the forum to see how modes are entered.
-new Hostcommand(-modes): Player1(red) can type "-modes" to see how to assemble modecommands
-implemented hotkeys for buildings and upgrades
-decreased the decay time of corpses to increase performance
-repairing the Main Castle or siege engines does no longer cost anything
-new items: Rune of Repair, Drum'n'Base Baseline Generator
-new model for Swamp Well, old model is used by Corrupted
-custom preview screen

-fixed an abusable bug with Orb of Lightning
-fixed some typos
-walls can't be destroyed anymore
-the coins field in the multiboard should now work correctly
-the multiboard is now reset correctly after each round
-deathpit no longer gets killed when killing a dragon turtle
-Anti Air Tower now has properly its fortified armor
-some bounty values were still incorrect, these were fixed
-Naga Siren can no longer cast purge on workers
-normal Kodos can no longer attack air
-fixed duration of anti air tower poison

-buffed Erasor to 50/37.5/25 seconds since there are again more unit types in the game, resulting in less kills per erase
-reworked/buffed Ceremonial Totem
-decreased Gryphon Rider's armor by 1 and its stun chance by 5%
-increased the hp-regen of legendary buildings to 4hp/sec so they can't be destroyed by artillery so easy
-increased the diminishing returns of the Treasure Box from 10% to 15%
-increased the cost of the blast staff by 20 and greatly increased its stock replenish interval
-removed greater blast staff, this was necesarry since massing it can't be countered. You shouldn't be able to defend the whole base with just staves
-the coral statue now repairs itself
-reduced the damage of the Watch Tower
-switched the attack type of the Anti Air Tower to Normal
-switched the attack type of Gryphon Riders to Magic
-increased the cost of the Artillery by 20 and changed it income type to Tower (0.7% income). I hope this should be enough to make Artillery balanced.
-increased damage & splash range of the catapult since it s expensive and shoots very slow
-increased splash damage of the mortar a bit (it was nerfed too much)
-increased the splash damage of Frost Wyrm
-increased damage of Turret of Souls a bit but reduced the chance to Take Soul
-increased the price of the Nightelf Siege Factory by 5 and increased the damage loss per bounce of Glaive Throwers from 25% to 30%
-reduced the hitpoints of Blood Fiends by 20 and increased the cost for the fountain of blood by 10
-increased the income gain of non-creep non-tower buildings by 0.1%
-decreased the slow effect of Wyvern Rider's poison from 25% to 20% and reduced its DoT to 4dps and its duration to 3 seconds
-decreased the slow effect of Suumpmolks poison from 50% to 40%
-buffed Amazon
-increased hitpoints of Naga Royal Guards to 1000
-increased Frost Wyrm's armor by 1 and added more splash damage
-reduced Red Dragon's armor by 1
-reduced Obelisk's damage from 200 to 175 and increased its cost from 230 to 235
-increased cost for City of Magic to 230
-reduced the movement speed reduction of cold attacks from 40 to 33% and increased the attack speed reduction from 30% to 33%
-heal on fearie dragons is now stronger, but has cooldown. This is because fairy dragons were useless, when enemy built city of decay cause they only chain healed themselves (HP gain from 50 to 175, cooldown from 1 to 6 seconds)
-skeletons can no longer get raised from critters
-increased cost for Tidal Guardian by 100 and food cost by 3

v1.04c (23.02.2007)
This is again a little patch. It removes a major bug and does much balancing.

-reworked the multiboard. It now displays more useful information
-the vendor was removed, the Main Castle now sells the items

-Fixed some tooltips and typos
-Fixed a major bug that caused some spells like Totem's Might to be cast on dead units. This was
a problem with one of the new compression methods i used. I had to remove this compression, but
fortunatly this made the map only a few bytes bigger
-Some places at the middle wall were unbuildable, this is fixed

-increased goldcost of Artillery by 20 and foodcost by 1
-reduced Sniper's hitpoints by 5 its armor by one and reduced its damage
-increased double and quad damage's duration to 30 seconds
-reduced goldcost of the Blaststaff by 50, range by 250
-increased damage of the greater Blaststaff by 10 and reduced its cost by 30, range by 250
-increased the stock replenish time for Blast Staff by 30 seconds
-increased the goldcost of the Dragon Nest by 25
-increased the Decay rate of the City of Decay by 1 per sec.
-increased Master Archer's average damage by 5
-increased Amazon's damage by 15
-increased the Range for the multishot of Master Archer and Amazon
-increased the damage and the armor of the Vampire and the lesser Vampire
-increased the damage of Banshee
-increased armor of the Infernal by 1
-increased the cost of the Falcon-Clan Encampment by 20
-decreased the armor of the Suumpmolk by 1 and its hitpoints by 20
-increased Summoned Lobsters hitpoints by 35 its damage by 10 and its armor by 1
-increased Naga Sirens range by 30, its average damage by 20 and its hitpoints by 50
-increased Winged Serpents average damage by 5

v1.04b (21.02.2007)
This is a quick patch, to make the shaman playable and reduce the power of Paladins

-The income boost of Treasure Boxes now diminishing returns (-10% for each treasure box after the first)
-The "-income" command now displays more information about your income

-Fixed some wrong tooltips
-Shamans Bounty was far too high (about 40) and its buildtime was also buggy, this is fixed

-reduced the stun duration of stasis totem to 4.5 seconds.
-Paladin raises only one unit now, but every 40 second
-reduced the hp regen rate, the duration and the armor gain of Crusader's and Paladin's blessing
-increased the damage of the greater Blast Staff by 10
-decreased the armor of the Glaive Thrower by 3 and its number of targets by 1

v1.04 (20.02.2007)
This patch is just like a totally new game ;). It's the biggest patch i ever released and includes key
features like items, a new race, many new buildings for other races, new hostcommands and many other things.
In addition i managed to make this map even smaller than v1.03b (although the original code from v1.04 was
around 50 kb bigger than the one of v1.03b, since i included so many new things). So the map is again under
100 kb making it a superior choice for hosts with low bandwidth internet connection.

-New Race: Orcs
-Introduced a vendor behind the Castle that sells items (8 items at the moment)
-Two new buildings for Naga: Naga Spring, Royal Spawning Grounds(upgrade)
-One new building for Chaos: Greater Chaos Citadel(upgrade)
-Three new buildings for Elfs: Ranger's Hall(upgrade), Amazon's Hall(upgrade),Hall of the Eldest(upgrade)
-Three new buildings for Humans: Stronghold(upgrade), Chapel, Church(upgrade)
-Neverland Ranch has been replaced by Chapel (maybe Chuck will return as a hireable creep)
-Improved the CreepAI a bit
-Many graphical improvements (added/reworked effects)
-added a burn effect to the artillery, that deals little damage
-New Hostcommand(-balance/-nobalance): Player 1(red) can type "-balance" to turn on auto team balance.
On each round's beginning teams are made even by adding bots to the team with less players when auto team
balance is on. Auto team balanced can be turned off by player 1 typing "-nobalance"
-New Hostcommand(-boons/-noboons): Player 1(red) can type "-boons" to turn on the boon reminder. I.e. Players
will receive a message every minute if there are more rounds to come after the current one. This concerns many
players leaving after the first round, because they haven't noticed that there are more rounds. Player 1 can
turn the boon remainder off by writing "-noboons"
-New Hostcommand(-fill): Player 1(red) can type "-fill" to fill both teams with bots at the beginning of the next
turn. He can deactivate this again by writing "-nobalance"
-player names are now colored
-added a special effect and a sound on workers collecting the coin bounty
-improved Bot AI (Thx to Oger-Lord)
-Bots now use upgrades
-improved Triggercode for better performance and mapsize
-used superior compression methods decrease mapsize to around 50% of its original size

-You could keep your worker for the next round if you placed it right. This abusable bug is fixed
-Fixed that AI Players did nothing on each round after the first when "race for whole game mode" was enabled
-Erase did not work against flying units. This bug is fixed
-Fixed some memory leaks
-Watch Tower now properly has fortified armor
-fixed some wrong tooltips/typos
-the buildings of a leaver should no longer stop spawning units after another team member receives them
-you no longer lose income for buildings you got from a leaver being destroyed (since you also don't get
income for them)
-the castles are now invulnerable for the first 10 seconds of every round, so they can't be hit by artillery granades
of the previous round anymore
-the scoreboard counted too many kills, this is fixed
-reworked death pits trigger, had some bugs (also has an animation now)

-buffed Erasers cooldown to 60/45/30 because there are now more unit types in the game making Eraser worse
-Reduced the bounty for buildings, now buildings grant one fifth of their price as bounty when destroyed,
except towers that still grant one fourth and the Treasure Box, that grants one third, so always keep an eye
on your TBs!
-removed the damageadd aura from gjallarhorn. It's one of the strongest buildings in the game and doesn't need
an aura
-reduced the splash radius of mortar
-increased the hitpoints of the Warlock by 90
-increased the damage of Warlocks PBAE by 10
-reduced the damage of Naga Guardians by 5
-reduced the critdamage of Sniper to +50%
-increased Sniper Nest's cost to 140
-improved the cleaving attack of Murloc Assasin a bit and gave Murloc Champion a lesser cleaving attack
-reduced the cooldown of Necromancer´s raise dead from 60 to 45 seconds
-increased the cost of the Highelven Tower of Magic to 425
-removed the armor aura from wizard
-buffed the pulverize ability that Blood Fiends may have a bit
-adjusted the hitpoints of some buildings
-reduced Suumpmolks damage by 3 and increased the cost of the Swamp Well by 5
-reduced the cooldown of Ancient Pyramide from 10 to 7 seconds
-reduced the goldcost of the Tidal Guardian to 500 and the foodcost to 3
-decreased the cost for the Fountain of Blood to 260
-increased the mana cost for Winged Snake's dispel
-increased Bloodthirster's hitpoints from 475 to 525
-increased Blademaster's movementspeed by 25

v1.03b (19.01.2007)
-if you didn't pick a worker before the round began you got no worker at all in v1.03, this major bug is fixed hopefully

v1.03 (19.01.2007)
This patch comes with a lot of new things! The new buildings should top the races off. There are no buildings anymore
that are used by two races (except for the treasure box), instead one of the races received a new building for it.
Many other new features, well read them by yourself :)

-New buildings (two for chaos, one for undead, one for nage). These replace the buildings
that were used by two races (Death Pit and Fountain of Wonders)
-Introduced building upgrades (the Murloc Hut and the new chaos building can be upgraded)
-some mapdesign improvements (the castles got walls for example), note that neither the
shipyard nor the marketplace on the map do anything yet
-reworked the income of buildings. Now buildings grant this income:
>>normal creep buildings: 2%
>>siege creep buildings: 1,7%
>>support buildings: 1,4%
>>buildings that can kill units/structures: 1,1%
>>towers: 0,7%
The numbers are the percentage of the building's cost that is granted per income,
for example Barracks with their 100 gold cost, grant 2 gold per income.
Note that this will be no big change since the income rates for the buildings were around
these percentages before.
-improved AI
-Insane AI now gets 33% more income
-improved trigger code (should speed up the map a bit)
-Creepbuildings now show the amount of food they produce in their tooltip
-Sorted the icons in the build menu (creep buildings at the top, sorted by price)
-introduced the "-armor" command, that shows a table which damage type is good/bad against what type of armor
-the first four players that finish a building will receive 20/15/10/5 gold
-your worker will not spawn anymore before the round begins

-Fixed some tooltips
-The Huntress should now correctly evade, like it'S displayed
-Summoned Units like lesser Vampires and Skeletons will now be properly added to the teamspawns
-better Icon for the Murloc (had the same like the Naga Builder before)
-finally fixed the leaver trigger (an editor bug), the leaver's units should now get properly divided among
the leaver's team
-the "-income" command should now work properly for player 1 and 7

-changed the spawntime of many units (expensive units spawn more often now)
-decreased the cooldown of the Volcano by 1 second
-increased the damage of Naga Guardians
-reduced the foodcost of the Volcano by 1
-reduced the cost of the Hall of Necromancy to 170, because the skeletons it raises, die fast since
they're spawned right in the enemy army most of the time
-increased the maxdamage of the Bloodthirster by 5 and its range by 20
-increased the range of the Huntress by 20
-increased the range of the Suumpmolk by 25
-reduced the cost of the Coral Statue to 250
-reduced the cost of the Oracle of Sirens and the Obelisk of Light to 260/230, because the food system
prevents players from building them at first, so the higher cost ain't necessary anymore
-reduced Huntress's Armor by 1
-decreased Chuck Norris HP by 250 and his Armor by 2
-increased the cast range of rescue strike
-decreased the cooldown of tidal guardian from 20 to 16 seconds
-increased Flesh Golem's armor by 3
-increased the Range of the Infernal's immolation
-decreased the Range of the Dragon's attack by 50
-increased the attackspeed of the Naga Guardian
-reduced the damage that small armor receives from pierce attacks from 200% to 175%
-increased the damage that small armor receives from normal attacks from 100% to 115%

v1.02 (8.1.2007)

Main concerns of this patch are the foodsystem (Creepbuildings give food others like towers need food) to
prevent massing of some buildings, the new map design and the AI (thx to Oger-Lord!). In addition i made many
balance changes mainly concidering siege weapons and some undead units.

-implemented the food system, to prevent Tower/TB/Shrine massing (maybe the foodamount of some buildings
will have to be changed)
-the words "each round, whole game, pick, random" will be highlighted in the game mode
message to emphasise which mode has been chosen.
-the title of the multiboard will display the gamemode now
-improved map design massively
-implemented AI (by Oger-Lord)

-fixed some typos
-after the map has ended, all units will be removed so that
ppl won't crash if they don't end the game

-increased the gold cost of the City of Decay from 540 to 750
-reduced the gold cost of Graveyard from 260 to 230
-increased the bounty you get for Mortar and Glaive Thrower
-increased the gold cost of Nightelf Siege Factory to 285 and Weapon Lab to 210
without increasing income for them, to weaken siege massing again
-increased the repairtime of all towers by 25%
-changed the armor type of Vampires from unarmored to small
-added 1 armor to lesser Vampires
-added 1 armor to each type of skeleton
-the gold coin stays 0.25 seconds longer
-reduced the average damage of the Turret of Souls by 5

v1.01 (4.1.2007)

This version introduces Undead and fixes some balance problems.
Additionally i did many other small improvements.


-The Message that tells the gamemodes is now in one piece, not a new message after each desicion
-New race: Undead
-Some new effects/better models/better tinting/sizing
-Added the Number of Wins to the Multiboard
-improved some game messages

-completed many tooltips
-removed some typos
-fixed a rare bug that caused the game to run further even if one team had already won
-fixed a bug that let the multiboard disappear

-weakened Gryphon Riders
-increased the cost of the Obelisk of Light and the Oracle of Sirens to 265 so it can't
be build right at the beginning
-increased the area of effect of Rescue Strike and Volcanic Eruption
-reduced the damage done by siege attacks to all armor types other than fortified by 20%
(siege weapons should be against buildings, not armies)
-some other small balance changes

v1.00 (31.12.2006)

-first stable release after 19 beta versions. Beta changelogs are not listed here.

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