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Name General Description
Poison Blob v1
Wave lvl: 28

By: mOck
Date:2011-10-05 19:44:32
Last Update:2011-10-05 19:44:32
Eek! It sure is sticky.

Poison Chain
Grants the carrier a 20% attackspeed adjusted chance on attack to launch a blob of poison. Deals 500 spell damage on the first target and bounces to 3 other targets. Each bounce reduces the damage by 20%. Human and Nature creeps also get slowed by 25% and are dealt 100 spell damage for 5 seconds when hit by this poison.

Level Bonus:

+25 spell damage

PENDING: This item is not yet accepted. Users comments to this item:
item i made awhile ago, but could never get it to work. What am i doing wrong?

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